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A stock is a share or a piece of a company. Each share represents a percentage of ownership within a company. The stock market is a place for the sale or purchase of various companies stocks.

The stock exchanges act as an intermediary between the company and the trader, or a trader and another trader.

What’s trading? What’s Investing?

The biggest difference between trading and investing is the motivation. When investing, someone is looking to hold a stock for a long period of time and to build wealth over that time. Investing typically comes with much less risk than trading and is viewed as a long term strategy. Trading on the other hand, is for people looking to turn a profit quickly. There is typically much more risk involved with trading (whether it be day trading or a longer term swing trade). Trading is a shorter term holding of a position than investing-sometimes for as little as only a few seconds.

Share Market The Art of Trading

  • 60 hours
  • ₹ 15000/-fee
  • free demat account
  • ₹ 1000/- free in your demat account
  • age is just a number only - all are welcome
  • confidence is the only qualification


  • Basics of Indian Companies Act, 2013
  • Public Co VS Private Co
  • SEBI laws and regulations
  • Introduction to Share & Debetures
  • Analysis of P&L a/c
  • Analysis of Balance sheet
  • Case studies -P&L
  • Case studies -Balance sheet
  • Knowing the experts
  • Introduction to share market
  • Knowing the traders
  • Activities involved in share trading
  • Tax implications
  • Trial and error- share trading practise
  • Traditional theories of trading
  • General causes of fluctuations
  • Specific causes of variations- case studies
  • Share trading


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